Are you looking for a natural way to stay healthy? 

Would you like better energy, restful sleep or feel more like ‘yourself’? 

Do you have ongoing health issues such as
recurring tonsillitis or colds, headaches or

eczema that never seem to 
completely clear?

Welcome to Nicky Gibney Homeopathy -
Something To Feel Good About!

"What always amazes me about Nicky’s approach, is the care she takes to really understand an issue and to get to the root cause of the problem. Nicky cares deeply about her patients and the combination of listening, gentle questioning and homeopathic remedies is very powerful. With Nicky one gets a truly holistic approach - something I have come to appreciate greatly as it allows issues to be addressed at both the emotional and physical level. The homeopathic remedies are part of this holistic process and a gentle yet effective support towards healing." - London

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that helps the body to heal naturally. 

Used by 30 million people in Europe it has been used for over 200 years worldwide, treating an unlimited number of diseases and conditions.  

Treating each one of you as an individual, the philosophy of homeopathy embraces the teachings of Hippocrates:  “It’s more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” 

It is gentle and safe, with no side effects, and the remedies can be used alongside other medication without any harmful effects.

Nicky is a fully qualified and registered practitioner who is experienced in helping patients to regain their health in a safe and supportive environment.  

Nicky practices homeopathy in central London and Bristol.
She has worked with patients of all ages with all kinds of ill health complaints.

‘Homeopathy has changed my life...  I had been unwell for over 6 years and conventional medicine had no success. I can remember visiting the homeopath for the first time feeling very sceptical. I was surprised at the depth of the consultation, exploring areas of my life and me that I never had thought about before.  Within a month I was starting to see some progress and after 6 months and even better health, I had decided that I wanted to practice this magical medicine and help others with similar experiences.

20 years along the road, I do not regret my decision. I have personally seen so many people regain their health and their lives back through the process of homeopathy.  Being a homeopath has allowed me first hand to experience the amazing healing ability of our own bodies, and the powerful part that homeopathic remedies play in this process. I feel honoured and privileged to be a practitioner..’



Nicky Gibney Homeopath
BA(Hons), LCCH, RSHom

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