After dealing with severe endometriosis for many years and after multiple operations, I wanted to explore alternative ways to reduce my symptoms and heal my body. During the first few months of working with Nicky, I began to feel better slowly but surely. However, I still had a consistent, extreme pain at the site of my operations and endometriosis. Nicky prescribed me a new remedy and I was blown away by what happened. The first week of taking the remedy, I had terrifying nightmares, waking up in the night physically screaming, waking up in sweats. But then it all stopped. And the pain was completely gone. Pain that I had dealt with for years just disappeared. I struggle to comprehend how it all works, but all I know is that the remedy was a miracle worker for me! Would absolutely recommend Nicky!

Nicky has been great! By gentle discussion she was able to work out what was making me feel so 'wobbly' in the lead up to our daughters Wedding. The remedies she then gave me enabled me to feel 100% so that I was able to really enjoy such a momentous event to the full for which I am so very grateful!'

JD, Somerset

I have suffered from constant nagging migraines and headaches for 20 years. Conventional medicine did not help and actually made things worse. Then I came across Nicky who has been treating me for the last 6 months. She painstakingly and methodically set about relieving me of my headaches. With gentleness and sympathy, she has treated the whole person, rather than the individual symptoms and in an astonishingly short time, I find myself strengthened and relatively pain free. Reassuring and calm, she gives me complete confidence. And, into the bargain, she has cleared up a few other problems along the way. What a relief!

AK, London

Nicky has been helping me and my 18-month-old son for the past year. She has a really kind and genuine nature and she looks at the whole person as opposed to just the condition, to get to the root of the problem. I had a terrible eczema flare up after having my son and when he reached 5 months, he developed eczema too and was also having problems sleeping. Nicky has been a life saver and I owe my sanity to her! My skin continues to get better every day and my son is now completely eczema free and sleeping through the night! Thank you Nicky x

This is just a little update letter which I felt like writing…

I can’t tell you how this (homeopathy) has turned me around from the very sick person I was when I first came to you.  Although I have some blips when I get stressed I have been feeling better than I have in years and everyone says I look fantastic and wonder what I am doing!  I can’t believe no other practitioner ever discovered that I need Phosphorus.. it is obviously what I need.  No more sore tongue, no constant palpitations, no sleepless nights, no inability to be around people, no constant indigestion.  I do get impatient with people who rubbish homeopathy.

So, there you are Nicky always nice to send a fan mail.  No doubt I will need your advice in the future until then….

EA, Newbury

After recurring skin breakouts for which my GP liberally handed out antibiotics I was recommended by a friend to see Nicky Gibney. I was really put at ease by Nicky on our first meeting and was pleased to find that after a couple of months there was a big improvement to my skin. I continued to visit Nicky for just over 6 months as she investigated other ailments that I had got used to putting up with. I am amazed to find that Nicky has managed to resolve a number of painful ailments to include Sciatica and Arthritis and my initial skin problems have not recurred since.
I would highly recommend Nicky for homeopathic treatments for a broad range of issues.

BA Somerset

I came to see Nicky a few months ago as I had been suffering from hormonal issues for some time.  Nicky has a real talent for deeply listening and hearing what one has to say and this, combined wither her huge knowledge and passion for homeopathy, has steadily taken layers off my problems and I am now feeling massively better.  I thoroughly recommend Nicky – she is an exceptional homeopath and also a really lovely person.

RD, Somerset