The fee for this service is £20 payable via credit or debit card.  After you have completed the form you will see the facility to pay at the end of the page. As soon as payment has been received you can expect a response within 24 hours.  Fee includes follow up emails for up to a week afterwards.

e-Homeopathy consultations are suitable for: injuries or minor illnesses that you've had for no longer than 14 days.

Anything recurrent or longstanding needs a full consultation in person or by Skype as there’s more that should be taken into account.

You will get an email within 24 hours with a homeopathic remedy prescription, directions on taking your remedy and details of where to obtain it. If necessary we will get in touch first to clarify your symptoms. Fees are £15 and include follow up emails for up to a week if needed.

Please provide as much detail as possible when answering questions.


Current Complaint

(Triggers can be physical or emotional, and are not always obvious, so please mention anything different that happened around the time the complaint began. For example: exposure to cold wind; getting wet feet; emotional shock; eating too much rich food; grief; anger; an injury; bad news; medication or vaccination).
Does it change location? Which side - or both?
(This is very subjective, but describing what it feels similar to can be helpful)
(e.g. mucus, vomiting, diarrhoea). Appearance, colour, odour, consistency, quantity? Quality (e.g. bland, burning)?
Sound (e.g. barking; hard; rattling)? Pattern (e.g. Infrequent but long fits of coughing; single coughs)? What seems to bring on coughing (e.g. drinking; going outside; falling asleep)? Wet or dry cough - and does the time of day make a difference to that?
(Not a separate complaint, but symptoms that accompany the original complaint, e.g.: pain in the forehead when you cough; aching thighs with menstrual cramps; crying with nausea)

General changes

When treating a minor illness or injury we look for any changes to how you usually are. So if you are usually thirsty, and are still thirsty, we don’t need this information. But if you normally hardly drink anything, and are suddenly gulping down pints of ice cold water - then we need to know that. And as with the section above, the things that are most individual to you are the most useful.

Drinking how much? What? How often? Sipping or gulping?
Strong cravings for anything? Or aversions to anything? Foods making you ill? Changes to appetite?
Changes to how hot or cold you feel in yourself? Environment you feel best in such as warm room or fresh air? Affected by application of cold or heat? Wanting to be uncovered or wrapped up? If so any particular part of the body? Anything affect this?
Sweating more or less? Where on the body/head? Times of day or night? Anything else affecting that?
Wanting company or to be alone? Irritable? Weepy? Any fears - of what? Any other emotional changes?
Changes to sleep? Or to the position you sleep in? Any strong new dreams? Grinding teeth?
When (as exactly as possible) do you have most or least energy? Does anything affect this?
Are you - or the part affected - redder, paler, blue-tinged etc.? If specific areas discoloured please give details.
(This is essential information, and the more individual this is to you the better. Mention especially anything that seems either very important to you or a bit strange. Examples might include better for: fresh air; pressure being applied; warm drinks; consolation; a warm bed; sitting up. Or being worse for: fatty food; draughts; being alone, talking; getting angry; being told off.)
Be as specific as you can (e.g. '3-5pm' rather than 'afternoon', if appropriate)
Include anything you haven’t mentioned above, that relates to this acute complaint. Especially anything you might have told me in person by saying “you’ll probably think this is really weird but...” or “I can’t see how this could be related but...” or “my partner/daughter/dad thought I should mention...”.
If so then please tell me any remedies you responded well to in the past, and also any potencies you've responded particularly well or badly to.
If yes, then please give details.

Personal Details

If you are not patient please provide your name and your relationship to patient. Obtain patient’s permission if you are not his/her legal guardian before completing this form

e-homeopathy consultations are not a substitute for medical advice. Please call 111 or 999 if you believe it may be a medical emergency.
Price: £ 20,00
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