What is homeopathy and why do people choose it?

Homoeopathy is an effective system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It dates back 200 years and is used in 80 countries worldwide by over 300 million people.

Homoeopathy recognizes that all symptoms are expressions of disharmony within the whole and that it is the patient that needs treatment and not the disease. Homoeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. This means that a little bit of what makes you ill will make you healthy. This can be demonstrated with the remedy Allium Cepia which is made from the onion. When chopping an onion it is common to experience burning eyes and a runny nose. If a patient has hayfever with these specific symptoms then the remedy Allium Cepia will be given. There are many thousands of remedies which are made from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

Many people use homoeopathy because they have already used homoeopathic remedies successfully in first aid situations or they have heard from others how well it has worked in treating long-standing conditions. It is a natural form of medicine with no side effects and can be used in conjunction with other medication with no contraindications. Some people turn to homoeopathy because they want to relieve the side effects of prescription medicine.


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