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How do I know if I need more magnesium?

Everyone needs magnesium. The question is are you getting enough?

The signs of magnesium defiiency are very wide ranging, from fatigue, problems getting to sleep and general weakness to muscle cramps, headaches and irritability. Which covers rather a lot of us.

Why are we lacking?

Magnesium is mainly found in leafy vegetables, avocados and some nut and seeds, but modern agricultural methods mean our foods are less nutrient-rich than they used to be. So even if we’re eating as many vegetables as previous generations, we’ll be getting less magnesium and other minerals than they would have been. In addition to this certain medications and lots of caffeine can leach magnesium from our bodies.

Why do I need it?

More and more links are being made between magnesium deficiency and chronic ill health and serious disease. Among these are diabetes, osteoporosis, bowel disease, heart disease and liver problems. So that’s got to be worth getting into the habit of a relaxing weekly epsom salt bath.

How to get more magnesium?

Eating (or even better juicing) leafy greens is our best way to up our magnesium intake through diet. In terms of supplementing it is better absorbed through the skin than taken as a pill, and this can either be by having weekly epsom salt baths (definitely a treat not a chore!) or by rubbing magnesium oil into your skin.

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