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Stress is a major and poorly-recognised cause of many health problems. Recent data reveals that 44% of people feel more stressed than they did five years ago whilst teenagers have been found to be less happy and more stressed than ever. These findings, though troubling in and of themselves, also reveal more reasons why we ought to be active in tackling this growing trend. Stress has been shown to increase the likelihood of physical health problems as well as the obvious toll it has on people’s mental well-being. Stress can increase the risk of heart disease by 40%, encourage us to overeat, and causes 44% of sufferers to lose sleep every night.

However, it is important to remember that in small doses, stress is a completely natural, and even sometimes useful, occurrence in our lives – who wants to live a life of boredom? Nonetheless, too much stress can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and this isn’t beneficial for anyone.

Though it may seem obvious, sometimes just settling back into daily routines, taking a stroll outside in nature, getting a good night’s sleep and eating wholesome, nutritious meals can help a long way to getting you back on track. But for those times when we don’t feel as better as hoped after a long hot bath, or a chat with a close friend, there are a number of natural and effective homeopathic remedies to help relieve these unpleasant emotions.

We will often push ourselves to do too much for many different reasons.  We might not feel ‘good enough’, or we might have feelings of anxiety and therefore need to work hard to distract ourselves.  Perhaps you’ve recently had a bereavement of some kind and find that life is difficult to deal with; you experience overwhelm, anxiety or nervousness.

The remedies below are particularly therapeutic for the nervous system:

PassifloraPassion Flower – Very good for a restless and wakeful sleep, resulting from exhaustion, if you have worries and are overworked, then a dose of Passiflora (6C) a couple of times a day will help your nervous system to settle down.

Avena Sativa –  oat – Fabulous tonic for debility after exhaustion of any kind along with anxiety.  Good support for the nervous system, particularly after over-indulgence of stimulants. You might have trouble in concentrating or feel nervous and restless.

Kali Phosmineral – One of the best nerve remedies for complete exhaustion and weakness, particularly if you have had a bad illness and not recovered fully. You might feel irritable and even the slightest task can seem overwhelming.

Nux Vomica – Symptoms come on from overwork and too much partying, great for students and executives with high-pressure jobs.  Hyper-active but exhausted, frequently feeling restless, irritable, over-sensitive and often craving stimulants like alcohol and caffeine. A great remedy for any kind of illness that has come on as a result of an over-stressful life.

The above remedies are just a few that can help your body to recover from a stressful period.  If, however, you feel that your issues are more complex and long term, and would like to discuss them in more depth then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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