I work mostly through online video calls but if you live in Bristol I can do a home visit.

In that time a detailed account of your symptoms, your medical history and what you are like as a person will be taken. Homeopaths need this information to determine the cause and possible triggers of your illness, and to treat you as an individual. You will then be prescribed a remedy to take based on your specific symptoms, which can come as a small pill or in liquid form. Follow up consultations will typically take place in 3-6 weeks to assess changes and improvements. The number of consultations will depend on what type of illness you have and how long you have had it.

Please call me on 07786 967390 or send a message here to find out more.


Online consultations for minor illness and injuries. You will receive the same individualised, personal level of care you would with a phone or face-to-face appointment.
e-Homeopathy is here for you 24/7.

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