NEW Minor Illness Service – Flu Remedies – And other homeopathy tips from Nicky

Let us introduce…

e-Homeopathy: a New Concept in Minor Illness Care.

We’re excited to be launching today a new convenient yet individual way for you to access homeopathy whenever you or your family are poorly.

Do you find it hard to make time to seek help for minor illness and injuries such as chicken pox, bites and stings or UTIs? Trying to make appointments is probably the last thing you want to be doing whilst ill or caring for sick children.

With e-Homeopathy you simply complete an online consultation form when it suits you, 24/7. You will receive the same individualised, personal level of care you would with a phone or face-to-face appointment, and you’ll be emailed a remedy prescription, instructions and stockist advice within 24 hours. The £15 fee also covers follow up emails for up to a week if needed.

Fellow homeopath Evie Pace and I have developed this new approach to treating minor illnesses and injuries in order to integrate homeopathy with the way people live their lives today.

Homeopathy is a powerful, safe and effective form of natural medicine, and often its biggest impact on families is in relieving the everyday ills we face. Coughs don’t have to go on for weeks, fevers don’t have to need Calpol and the flu doesn’t have to mean a week in bed.

e-Homeopathy is available here now!

Three Remedies for Flu

Remedy focus Gelsemium

There are lots of nice, clear indications for Gelsemium, so it can be a good remedy for self-prescribing in minor illnesses.

Gelsemium is our #1 remedy for ‘Flu’. It is also a top choice for anticipatory anxiety, and for any illness that starts after a period of emotions running high.

Recognising Gelsemium

Them main theme that runs through Gelsemium is weakness. An all-pervading weakness, seen on physical, emotional and mental levels. Heavy, aching limbs; drooping eyelids, dullness of thought; weak, trembling legs from bad news, fright or anticipation.

The causation or aetiology (what brings on a complaint) is often emotional in Gelsemium cases. Homeopaths call this ‘ailments from’, and with Gelsemium we often see ailments from bad news, anticipation (especially stage fright, exams, interviews) or excitement.

Symptoms I look out for to help confirm giving Gelsemium include:

  • Thirstlessness
  • Feeling better in open air
  • ‘Flu’ which comes on gradually, with aching limbs, trembling and chills running up and down the back
  • Ailments that begin when the weather starts to get warm, such as in spring
  • Great anticipation about facing challenges
  • Frequent urination and feeling better for it
  • Trembling
  • Treating your family

If you’re treating yourself or your family start off by giving the selected remedy in a single dose of 30c or 200c potency. If it helps then only repeat if/when the symptoms begin to return. If it’s an ongoing problem, or the remedy you choose doesn’t improve things, then it’s best to come for a consultation.

How’s your sleep?

“Every little sound wakes me up – I feel like I’m awake all night!”

“My mind races for hours in the night with all the things I need to do at work.”

“I just can’t get to sleep!”

You may well have suffered from insomnia yourself at some point; a great many of us have. And because it often accompanies a time of stress in your life, the sleeplessness itself can seem that much worse.

So, you’ve tried a bath before bed, a warm milky drink and turning off the telly, but you still cant sleep. You’ve been for a run in the day to wear yourself out and get some fresh air, you didn’t have your afternoon coffee or the cake – but you still cant sleep!

You didn’t want to resort to sleeping pills and their possible side effects… Let’s have a look at how homeopathy can help.

Read more…

Vitamin C

75 years of medical research and clinical practice proves that Vitamin C is a powerful aid to the ‘self healing’ response. In the 1940’s Dr Klenner used Vit C to cure 60 out of 60 cases of polio before the vaccine existed. Sadly, his findings were largely ignored and even today medical students are not taught the clinical benefits. Dr Klenner went on to cure cases of chicken pox, measles, mumps and even tetanus.

I use it for myself and my family if we are suffering from a cold or ‘flu. 1,000mg 4x daily diluted water (always use good quality pure powder form) will soon stop the cold and also prevent further infections such as chest or sinusitis. Another tip is to form a paste with a little water and spread onto troublesome cold sores, leaving it on as soon as possible and repeating often. They will soon disappear.


Online consultations for minor illness and injuries. You will receive the same individualised, personal level of care you would with a phone or face-to-face appointment.
e-Homeopathy is here for you 24/7.

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