Boosting Immunity with Homeopathy

A new school year brings the double-edged sword of susceptibility – children who are in close contact with each other, but also who may be feeling anxious, apprehensive or over-excited about the return to school. We know that not feeling 100% in ourselves opens us up to physical illnesses, and this is a prime example.

Ear infections

My first question this term has been about ear infections:

Q. “My daughter has just (reluctantly) started at a new school, and she now seems to have an ear infection. Are there remedies that can help?”

A. Absolutely. There are many remedies that treat ear aches and infections, so we need to identify which one matches your daughter’s symptoms.

My eldest daughter did very well on Pulsatilla. She woke in the night with terrible earache, and only calmed down when we sat by an open window. We had tried putting a warm compress on her ear first and she was not impressed! She was feeling pretty sorry for herself, was crying a lot, and wanted lots of cuddles. These are all symptoms that are part of of the Pulsatilla ‘picture’, and that remedy helped enormously. She needed another dose when she woke again a couple of hours later, and by the morning she was all better.

Two other possible remedies to read up on are:

Belladonna – Sudden onset, often the right ear, with fever, red ear, pain worse for light, noise or being bumped.

Aconite – Very early states of infection, starts after being in cold wind, worse (or starts) midnight-2am, restlessness.

My advice with acute illnesses is always to give a remedy and if it helps then only repeat if/when symptoms start to return. 30c or 200c potencies are both suitable, however where there are intense symptoms in children’s acutes they often respond more to 200c.

If the remedy you choose doesn’t help within 24 hours it’s probably best to get in touch with me for an acute consultation.

And any urgent concerns about your children’s health please do give your doctor a call. Always better to get things checked out, and you can then choose what type of medicine to use once you know what’s going on.


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